Loyalty Marketing

Whether you are trying to retain your customers, motivate them to increase their purchase activity, or trying to establish loyal relationships, the basic principals of loyalty marketing program can help. And now, with the PCI Professionals Loyalty Marketing Software, even the smallest businesses can employ this very same strategy without the concerns or overhead involved with those expensive, and often unattainable, Point-of-Sale systems and third party marketing firms.

Why Reward Your Customers?

Did you know the cost to acquire new customers can be up to eight times more expensive than that to keep the customers you already have?

So the next question is:

  • Have you been successful at building value with your existing customers?
  • How many repeat customers do you truly have?

Knowing the answer couln’t be more simple…if you have PCI Professionals on your team!

  • Makes customers more loyal
  • Encourages word of mouth referrals
  • Drives customer spending behaviors
  • Wins back lost, lazy, or upset customers
  • Promotes business on slow days
  • Simplifies management with our self-service kiosk

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“After implementing the PCI Professionals Loyalty Program in my bakery, there has been a noticeable improvement in customer relations and client loyalty. Clients have welcomed the loyalty program and look forward to it. Additionally, I have achieved an increased awareness of who my customers are and what they want and need. Overall, a great tool for any retail business!
Stephanie Diaz, Owner
Sweetness Bake Shop & Cafe, Miami, FL

Easy to install, even easier to use – The program begins with a step-by-step instructional overview process whereby the PCI Professionals Loyalty Software will collect all the background information necessary to get you on your way to effective marketing. The Setup Wizard collects your program preference settings while the Marketing Wizard painlessly guides you step-by-step through the fundamentals of instituting your marketing campaign.

Customer Tracking – The PCI Professionals Loyalty Software gives you a powerful customer tracking database to capture all the relevant information you will need to support your marketing campaign.

Complaint Tracking – Effectively track your patron complaints and associated corrective actions. Most importantly, keep track of and identify repeat complainers. The Complaint Tracking feature allows you to monitor your success rate at problem resolution and measure the corresponding rate of attrition. Then take action by generating a focused mailing targeting possible lost customers by using your complaint history.

Mailings – Produce effective, targeted mailings for any of your marketing strategies. The PCI Professionals Loyalty Software supplies you with a pre-written offer letter for each of the supported marketing strategies. Use them as supplied or modify for a custom solution. Each letter is personalized with your Patron’s name, address, promotional offer and of course, your signature. Deliver by conventional U.S. Mail or electronic mail.

  • Electronic Coupon
    Eliminate reliance on the paper coupon! Eliminate coupon abuse and theft! Flexible and Secure.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Promotions
    Reach your patrons on a personal level. Extend a token of appreciation to your patrons by extending an extra special offering to them on their birthday or wedding anniversary.
  • Thank You
    Extend a sincere token of appreciation to those patrons who have actively participated in your program, have visited often, and/or have spent generously.
  • Miss You
    Get a handle on attrition. Bring those lost patrons back. Identify patrons who no longer visit your business and learn the reasons why!
  • Referral Program
    Entice your established patron community to spread the good word and refer a friend to your program.
  • Rewards Program
    Points! Points! Points! Run your own point or reward program. Everyone loves to accumulate points and you’ll appreciate the extra business. Supports issuing bonus points during off-peak or slow times.
  • Raffle Program
    Raffles are a great way to entice patrons back for subsequent visits.
  • New Member
    Create an enrollment incentive to entice new customers to join your marketing program.
  • Other
    Have an innovative marketing strategy of your own? With the PCI Professionals Loyalty Software you can simply design your own promotion using the custom promotion generator.
  • Text Messaging
    coming soon!!!